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The use of smart balance car
On today's roads, it is not only the situation that the traditional vehicles such as cars, bicycles, and electric vehicles are completely dominated. The traffic flow is in the middle of the flow, and it is often caught between smart scooters, motorcycles, and balance cars. But if you think that the smart balance car only has a way to travel, then you are wrong! In fact, the smart balance car is more powerful than you think. Come and let yourself fly.
Fitness fitness fitness
Although the balance bike only needs to control the center of gravity of the body, because it is necessary to maintain the integrity of the body to achieve a stable grasp of the center of gravity, long-term riding still has a good training effect. Riding a balance bike can relax the muscles of the shoulders, spine, etc. and slightly correct their posture; it can also consume considerable calories, and it can consume an average of 285 calories if you go straight in 30 minutes. If the S shape is around the pile for 30 minutes The average calorie consumption is 900 calories-this is equivalent to the calories burned for an hour of running.
Playing together instead of playing
It is the responsibility of parents to play with their children, but not all parents enjoy their parent-child time. This is because they may have chosen the wrong parent-child activities and are just playing with their children, not playing with their children. Some people say that the balance bike is a toy for young people. In fact, the balance bike can also be a toy shared by parents and children. It is specially equipped with a riding app, which can limit the high speed of riding. When riding with children, you can limit the speed appropriately to avoid danger of riding too fast.
Dog walking is not necessary
Those who keep dogs know that Wang Xingren needs to slip every day. For those office workers who are already busy and tired every day, walking the dog is a test of willpower. Although you can find someone to help you, or even hire someone to walk your dog, how can important interactions with pet dogs allow others to do the work for you? Among all riders of balance bikes, there are situations where they ride their dogs on their bikes, and their balance bike models It is compact, does not require two hands to control when riding, and has adjustable speed, better safety and stability. It is a very powerful walking dog artifact.
Capable work
In addition to the application of personal daily life, balance cars are also widely used in some special industries, such as the security work of large facilities such as airports and exhibition halls. Because the balance car is driven by electric power, the high speed can reach about 20km / h, so the relevant staff ride it to travel within the scope of their job responsibilities, often can respond to various emergency situations faster, and can save physical strength, so as to better Status into security and service work.
Electric balancing car was originally born for the purpose of travelling, letting people travel in the streets and alleys with ease. This compact design not only avoids the trouble of traffic jams, but also brings a lot of fun to people, more flexible and free.
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