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How to ride a smart balance bike to maintain balance
With the development of economy and the improvement of material life, people are starting to pay more and more attention to health. Whether it is the elderly or the working people, daily life is inseparable from these two words. But in order to maintain a healthy body, diet is one aspect, and more importantly, you need a moderate amount of exercise. The emergence of smart balance vehicles has brought convenience to people's lives, and in the eyes of consumers, smart balance vehicles are so attractive. Smart balance car is stylish and lightweight design, beware of freedom, free shuttle, unobstructed. The intelligent balance car exudes full product selling points, which is not only loved and sought after by the mainstream crowd. So how do we properly balance when we are riding an intelligent balance bike?
1. We need to adjust the direction of travel by adjusting the forward and backward of the body's center of gravity. The body leans forward, backwards, and stands still. This is the principle of balancing car movement. The balance bike is similar to the board treadmill we have played before, but the balance bike is much taller.
2. The balance car is improved on the basis of a unicycle and is driven by a motor. It is the same as the gyro control balance method. You can start by tilting your body forward. Speed is controlled by the degree of inclination of the body. When you want to accelerate, you lean forward and when you decelerate, you lean backward.
3. When we are on the balance car, the two wheels of the balance car replace the feet, and the body is like a steering wheel. The body is very similar to the body's balance system. When our center of gravity leans forward, the intelligent system will automatically sense it and accurately drive the wheels to move forward. In this way, the balance is maintained and the balance car moves forward.
4. The working principle of a balanced car is called the "dynamic balance" principle; sometimes it is also called a "sensory car" because it can sense changes in the body's center of gravity and change driving conditions due to changes in the driver's attitude; It is called a "thinking car" because it can intelligently sense changes in the user's center of gravity, as intelligent as a robot.
5. The balanced car needs power supply to drive during driving, which is very power-saving. Because it can rely on human action during driving, it is safe and convenient.
Xiaobian Bian told you so much, I do n’t know how much, intelligent balance car, intelligent energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon, does not generate any pollution gas, and does not cause harm to human health. With the market development in recent years, its cool appearance, light weight and flexibility have been loved by many consumers, and it is also called a "walking artifact". Partners living in the first-tier cities will face traffic congestion and difficulties in travelling. Having an intelligent balance vehicle also solves the daily distress of crowding buses and subways.

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